This summer through the global health program I spent 2 months in Moshi and Arusha, Tanzania through Cornell’s Global Health Department. The first month I was taking a class in Moshi with my Cornell peers as well as MD4 students from Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College (KCMUCo) where we wrote a case study analysis of a public health issue in Tanzania. My second month in Tanzania was spent interning at Training, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation on Gender and AIDS (TRMEGA), an NGO focused on the use of medical plants as therapy for HIV/AIDS and reducing the stigma surrounding women with HIV/AIDS. I chose this program because I got to learn about both the medical and policy aspects of global and public health while fulfilling a major requirement.

In APO I met Nikolia. We were in the same math lecture last semester but we didn’t really become friends until we saw each other at initiations and the rest is history! My favorite service event is Loaves and Fishes. It allows me to get off campus while doing service in the Ithaca community. I think that campus can be a bubble so I really love opportunities to leave campus and get involved in the Ithaca community. From participating in service I feel like I truly learned about the definition of community. Community is a very abstract concept but through weekly service events, I really learned what a community looks like and how to positively contribute to a community.

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