Being a PPGL helps to keep me engaged in APO. Since I pledged a long time ago, it’s a great reminder of why I was so excited to pledge and how I came to feel so comfortable in the brotherhood. I love getting to help new people find a place in a community I love. APO helped me to refine what I want to do with my life and confirmed that whatever I do, I want it to be service based. I think I’ve learned the most about myself through service to others–how my strengths can be refined and I can work on my weaknesses to be the best I can be. APO gave me a chance to learn about Ithaca in a way that transcends the college experience. I’ve gotten to be hands-on with the community and meet so many people, from school children to little old ladies who invite me to church with them. Balancing APO is easy when you prioritize it because you love it. My best friends are in APO so I can do service and fellowship and spend time with them too. APO is not an obligation but an exciting part of my life that I am always ready to go to de-stress from school or work or whatever else is going on.

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