1. What is your internship and why did you choose it?

This summer, I interned at MongoDB, a tech company in NYC. I chose it mainly to be close to home and spend the summer with my family, but also for the nature of the company and the product. It’s a database company, and their product can help anyone from individual developers and small startups to city governments and large companies like Google. I also liked the thought of working at a medium-sized company, where my contributions could directly impact the company and customers.

2. Tell us about a friendship you’ve formed in APO.

One of the most meaningful friendships I’ve formed in APO is with my big, Kat. Ever since freshman year, she’s been encouraging me both within the context of APO and in my whole college experience. She’s the reason I’ve felt more confident and comfortable in the fraternity. I know we can have deep conversations and laugh at dumb memes in the next sentence. I’m so grateful we’re in the same year, since it means we get to spend our senior years together.

3. What is your favorite service project at Cornell? Why?

One of the major reasons I joined APO was to get more involved off-campus, so I would have to pick a service event like Loaves and Fishes or volunteering at one of Ithaca’s festivals. I’m so grateful to get to help people directly and become more involved in the Ithaca community outside the Cornell bubble. Directly volunteering in the community feels incredibly rewarding and humbling and does a lot to enhance what could otherwise be a sheltered and single-minded college experience. It’s something I definitely see myself emphasizing next year and after I graduate.

4. What is something you’ve learned from service?

I’ve learned how individuals can make a difference in (sometimes) small but (always) real ways. Right now, it’s really easy to feel powerless and focus on all the ways individuals are at the mercy of larger groups and corporations. But volunteering, whether it’s in a soup kitchen or in a school or at an on-campus event, helped me realize my own potential to help someone else and leave a positive impact on a community. I think it’s such a powerful thing for a young person to learn and it’s shaped the way I interact with the world around me the past few years.

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