So far during my time in APO, I have been able to meet and befriend so many amazing people. The brotherhood is so diverse and inclusive, allowing me to be exposed to different kinds of people and easily finding those who match my interests and hobbies. I try and sign up for fellowship and service events alone because I always get along with the other brothers there and am able to make new friends as I go. I found one of my closest friends (Sophie Rockland!) through an APO service event and I am so thankful that I met her! My most memorable experience at APO is probably the Coffee Sleeve Scripts service event, where we designed coffee sleeves with doodles and motivational messages to distribute at Manndibles Cafe and brighten students’ days. It was engaging and fun, while also being impactful. My experiences at APO have definitely strengthened my qualities of teamwork, community involvement, organization, responsibility, and selflessness- all crucial attributes that will help me in the long run!

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