The pledging experience was the most memorable experience that I have ever had in APO. I was a young freshman without many friends just trying to find my way like most other people. I was welcomed by that year’s pledge team (Nick, Cordelia, TJ, and Julia) with open arms, and they made me feel like I finally had a permanent home here at Cornell. What keeps me excited about APO is the ability to meet so many people who are all so friendly and have a passion for service. Everyone has unique stories to share and I love hearing about every person’s own Cornell experience! I think the relationships I have formed will be lifelong and I’ll take those with me after I graduate. I am still in contact with some of the people I first met here, my littles, and big. These are the people that matter most to me, and I feel like wherever I may go I will always have someone close by that I can call a friend.



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