If I could redo college, I would join APO during my freshman fall instead of my sophomore fall because I had missed out on one more year with the APO community. Despite having hundreds of members,  APO’s many brothers welcomed me with such positivity and radiance that I truly felt I had belonged somewhere. My lin, notably, was pleasant and fun to be with. We would constantly be reaching out to each other over a group chat for events that we might want to participate in together like Prisoner Express and Collegetown Cleanup or to hang out in lunch fellowships and family dinners. My big, Sarah, especially inspired me to continue to ensure that people feel as they belong and that APO can be their haven. Reflecting back, I have never felt so grateful for how the organization has blessed me with the best littles and friends that I still maintain contact with, for example, in Among Us. For the new members, I hope that they know that we brothers cherish them for being themselves and APO can be a step forward to explore new service adventures or to learn more about your own interests, whether it be in service, leadership or friendship.

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