An experience in APO that has had a meaningful impact on me in the past is participating in the service event Prisoner’s Express. Before participating in this event, I had no idea what life was like for those who are behind bars and I genuinely enjoyed the conversations and the exchanges that I have made with all of my different pen pals. Prisoner’s Express is a service event that was really eye-opening and helped me adopt a different perspective in which I see the world. 

APO has given me so many opportunities to do service within and outside of my community. Service is the pillar that I am the most engaged with and I love how there is such a broad range of service that you can do. I think my involvement in service events also really helped me become a leader in what I do and helped promote my own personal self-growth throughout my time at Cornell.
Bonds that I’ve formed and strengthened in APO are the bonds with my littles. As a big of 7 kiddies I have made such amazing memories, learning and growing with all of my littles in the process. The big/little relationship is something that I have never had before APO, and fostering personal, academic, social, and emotional relationships with my littles is something I am so grateful for.
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