We came up together through the Jenkins Hierarchy and rose to the very top in only two short semesters (#neverstopgrinding). As co-fam heads, we tried our best to spread a general positivity and homely vibe throughout not just Jenkins, but APO as a whole, with our classic brand of self-deprecation and constant jabbing at our subpar completion of the majority of requirements. Overall, we play off of each other really well, and it’s always a great time when we’re together. We’re excited to continue rising through the APO ranks, and we’re ready to become APO’s first co-presidents next semester!

Our favorite event is the one and only “Repurposing Trash”. Nothing better than a good Tuesday night chillin’ with the homies, making trash into usable goods, reselling them on the black market, getting insulted by Ellen Park, and most importantly, giving back to the community. We sincerely hope this service event will continue into the future, supporting the service hours of many a committed APO member to come.

Our favorite memory occurred last semester after our finals ended. We gathered together with the previous 2 generations of Jenkins fam heads and some other APO friendos, and celebrated the end of a successful semester (where we somehow managed to fulfill our requirements) with some fun games and great company. We’re looking forward to making many more such memories together, and maybe next semester we can get four generations 🙂

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