I don’t have any one standout memory, but the ones that make me smile the most are the ones related to the Family Wars. Sure, sometimes the fierceness of the competitions got a little bit out of hand (we worked to reel them in over the years!) but the camaraderie and teamwork of the families racing around campus at night was a really special feeling. Family standings are temporary, memories are forever.

I find myself thinking a lot about Loaves and Fishes recently. With my class schedule manipulation, most Friday mornings I could walk down East Buffalo and dedicate 2-3 hours to prepping, serving, cleaning or otherwise helping a regular group of Townies. I really enjoyed the manual labor and being of literal service to that community, and the weekly dedication lifted me out of my sheltered bubble on the hill for much-needed perspective.

Your time in APO is what you make of it! Meeting the minimum requirements every semester will be a very different experience from intentionally seeking opportunities for experiences with people you like. Life (and college) is too short to do things you don’t want to do — APO is best with intention and joy.

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