I (Jennifer) met Gigi in line at an event for an escape room after o-week. On the first day of school, I met Aprile while waiting for CHEM 2070 lecture to start and Gigi and Aprile met in that lecture too!

Our favorite memory is coming to Donlon to watch While You Were Sleeping (our fav k-drama!!) and Gigi and Aprile would scream at the top of their lungs at every dramatic scene, which was like every scene.

The three of us just vibe well together, whether it’s watching/trying something new or just simply complaining about our classes. Getting attacked by Aprile’s spontaneous aggression, hearing Gigi’s whining if she gets less than 7 hours of sleep, or teasing Jen for being a southerner is very common and it’s a love/hate relationship we all treasure <3 Outside of APO, we watch kdramas, eat a lot, stress about prelims and chill on the slope 🙂

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