Alpha Phi Omega

Gamma Chapter at Cornell University


To promote closer ties and a stronger sense of community in a brotherhood of over 400 members, lineages are divided into families, each with their own unique traditions and quirks. For many pledges, finding out their big’s identity and learning which family they belong to is a highlight of the pledging period.


Guardians are of the most elite members of APO. We excel at being cool, having fun, and enjoying each others company. Although few in number, we have the strongest presence and we literally hold the keys to success.

Mascot: Groot
Family Heads:  Jacqueline Hutchinson and Lauren Forstenhausler


Although we may not wear our super suits around campus, whether we’re excelling in class, chilling at CTB or just being all around awesome, we can be seen kicking butt in our natural habitat.

Mascot: Jack-Jack the Panda
Family Heads:  Katy Kaufman and Zoe Barr


We are one of AΦΩ’s smallest families, but don’t let our size fool you. We’ve got personalities so blinding we have to wear sunglasses at all times. Bound by secrecy, the Jenkins clan can say no more. #RollJenkins

Mascot: Manny the Jaguar
Family Heads: Adena Dass and Brady Bunkelman


Legends are the newest kids on the block but some of the coolest members of APO. Descendants of the Olympian gods of years past, we excel at leading, serving, and all around have a good time with others. Y’all better wait for it, cuz we bout to take Gamma by storm!

Mascot: Phern the Phoenix
Family Heads: Jared Chang and Nicole Wang


The Marvels are known for their marvelous personalities and immaculate intellect. They are often seen eating pizza bagels. Each family member embodies APO’s three pillars and looks good while doing it. Also, we have a dope seal.

Mascot: Lucille the Seal
Family Heads:  Dorothy Leung and Whitney Okujagu


Ring pops on fingers, and smiles on faces; see us at all of your favorite places; happiness and friendship, Queens and Kings; these are a few of our favorite things! Being part of the Royals Family will be your crowning achievement. #crownsnotfrowns

Mascot: Obi the Dragon
Family Heads: Rupal Khaitan and Samuel Cremieux


The Supers welcome you to the biography of the reigning Family Wars Champions. You may not know our super alter egos, but we have a weakness: chocolate covered pretzels. If you ever need a hug, our mascot Baemax is here for you.

Mascot: Baemax
Family Heads: Sophie Jones and Tracy Goldman