Alpha Phi Omega

Gamma Chapter at Cornell University

Humans of APO

Adele Kong ’22
During my freshman spring semester, fueled by late-night energy and a need to spend my time on something besides YouTube, I decided that I would rush APO. A few
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Emma Moulton ’20
I originally joined APO because I was looking for a service-oriented community within Cornell, and I’m happy to report that I found just that and so much more. My big,
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Jennifer Hoang ’22
My first Big/Little reveal as well as being introduced to my family at Post-reveal will always be an experience from APO that I’ve held close to me! I was
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Antonio Saporito ’21
The pledging experience was the most memorable experience that I have ever had in APO. I was a young freshman without many friends just trying to find my way
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Andy Bell ’21
I wasn’t always a Cornell student. My freshman year of college was spent at a small school in Connecticut called Fairfield University. I began my college life there as
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Ellen Park ’21
I can honestly say that APO has been my favorite organization that I have been involved with throughout my time at Cornell so far. Something that excites me about APO
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Kelly Stone ’20
I love being able to take a few hours out of my day to spend with my brothers and work on a creative project. Whether it’s finger knitting or
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Sherell Farmer ’22
Seeing and getting to meet all the new pledges each semester keeps me excited about APO! With each pledge comes a new story, a new friend and a new
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Amp Burapachaisri ’21
The prospect of being able to do volunteer work and meeting new friends are the two things that keep me hooked to APO. When I took my gap semester
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