Alpha Phi Omega

Gamma Chapter at Cornell University

Humans of APO

Lisa LaBarbera ’20
I remember feeling pretty lost my freshman year. I was overwhelmed by the campus and felt like I didn’t belong. I joined a few clubs my fall semester, but
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J.J. de Oliveira ’20
One of my favorite aspects of APO is the brotherhood. I originally joined because some of my closest friends were brothers in APO and since rushing I have made
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Grace Bichler ’22
I rushed APO on a whim my freshman fall, and it turned out to be the best choice that I have made at Cornell. I found my home on
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Sveta Reddy ’22
So far during my time in APO, I have been able to meet and befriend so many amazing people. The brotherhood is so diverse and inclusive, allowing me to
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Ganesh Giri ’20
Hanging out with my friends and meeting new people at APO events has kept me excited about APO. I’ve had a great time hosting fellowship and engaging with all
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Catherine Cai ’21
My favorite APO memory was watching the Game of Thrones final season last semester as one huge fellowship.  There was no way to resist the free food and HBO.
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Kat Ratner ’20
Being a PPGL helps to keep me engaged in APO. Since I pledged a long time ago, it’s a great reminder of why I was so excited to pledge
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Tracy Goldman ’20
During my NIB semester, I hosted a Programming workshop for Gamma Chapter’s very first Scouts Day. It was during a rough week in the semester and I was already
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Bunmi Osias ’21
This summer through the global health program I spent 2 months in Moshi and Arusha, Tanzania through Cornell’s Global Health Department. The first month I was taking a class
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