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1. What is your favorite memory in APO?Jeoparty with Kieran and Vivian. To this day, I have never not won a game of APO jeopardy. 2. How has APO
We met through POST before our first year even started! POST (Pre-Orientation Service Trip) is a program through the Einhorn Center where first year and transfer students have the
I met my best friend at Cornell through APO my first semester, at Libe cafe as part of "blind friendship match". She would later go on to become my
1. What is your favorite memory in APO?My favorite memory of APO is my first formal. I had just finished pledging and having formal after inductions was a great
1. What is your favorite memory together?Outfit matching & formals 2. What is your favorite APO event to go to together and why?Jack Box Game Night w/ Evan because
1. What is your favorite memory in APO?When we made yarn dolls, my doll was so ugly hahah but it was hilarious. It made us laugh so hard, and
Kieran and I are twins in APO (our big is David Chen💖). We actually didn’t know we were twins until the day before Big Reveal. We met over zoom
Our favorite memory together definitely encompasses the entire rush process! We loved seeing each other to recap our days before the rush events started. We honestly became so close
My favorite service project I’ve done at Cornell is volunteering at the downtown food cupboard. Throughout the year I found myself often wrapped up in being a student and