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Greetings from Oxford, England! Can’t help missing you guys whenever I saw a Facebook post or a message about Gamma. Life at Oxford is busy yet fantastic: It is
Hi APO bros! My name is Kelsey Carpenter and I am excited to be checking in from Santiago, Chile! I've been in APO since my first semester at Cornell
I rushed APO during my sophomore spring; I had a busier schedule that usual, and was looking for a way to meet new people outside of the few clubs
People always ask me, ‘why do you like bow ties so much?’ In highschool, I wasn’t very social -- especially at national debate tournaments. I would avoid conversations because
Words will never be able to convey how much I love and appreciate Gamma Chapter. There have been an innumerable amount of moments where I cannot even fathom how
I used to not really know anyone on this I can't walk down the street without seeing another APO person. Fun Fact: Hala was looking at memes when
When I first joined Gamma, I had no intention of holding a position on the EB. I applied to be on the pledge team simply because it looked like
My best friend growing up moved away when I was in the 6th grade. I was in my awkward middle school phase, so I didn’t really find my “fit”
Spring '16 was a tough semester for me. I couldn't get myself to go to classes, let alone APO events. One day, Aastha and Jason [President and VP Membership