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It was a rainy day during freshman orientation. I (Cristie) was walking to Riley Robb for our Intergroup Dialogue Project session, and I saw a girl slip outside the
While APO has led to so many great memories for me, I've been especially fond of Big/Little weeks because of how exciting they are for both brothers and pledges.
I (Jennifer) met Gigi in line at an event for an escape room after o-week. On the first day of school, I met Aprile while waiting for CHEM 2070
Hi, we’re David and Kendall!! We both pledged Spring 2019. We took a lot of the same classes and we were in the same discussion sections. We also were
We came up together through the Jenkins Hierarchy and rose to the very top in only two short semesters (#neverstopgrinding). As co-fam heads, we tried our best to spread
An experience in APO that has had a meaningful impact on me in the past is participating in the service event Prisoner's Express. Before participating in this event, I