DateHeadshotLeader/Sunshine of the Week
03/27/2023Sunshine: Andrew Kim – “Andrew is very thoughtful and creates a positive environment at events. We’re excited to see you grow in the brotherhood!” -Pledge Team
03/24/2023Sunshine: Suparna Agrawal – “She always brings positive energy to events! She is such a happy person and I feel like she does a great job of spreading it.”
“Always smiley and giving positive energy when around. She also tells really good jokes that always make me laugh.”
“Suparna is a pledge that has involved herself in so many APO events! She’s very nice to everyone she meets and is so enthusiastic about the brotherhood!” -Pledges
03/20/2023Sunshine: Katie DeRose – “Katie is super sweet and was very active during big/little festivities. She has shown a lot of initiative by hosting events!” -Pledge Team
03/17/2023Sunshine: Charlotte Lin – “Charlotte is like the teletubbies sun. She is a very optimistic person and has great vibes. She is so charismatic and talked to so many brothers and pledges and made them feel included.”
“Charlotte was a very enthusiastic and supportive pledge over the past week. She made everyone feel so included and created a really nice environment in every room she was in.”
“It was lovely to meet my newest grand-little at post-reveal! They were very excited to join APO and the Gladiators, and I can’t wait to see them flourish!” -Pledges+Brother
03/13/2023Sunshine: Sabrina Sheridan – “Sabrina brought a lot to the conversation at the D&I toolkit event and is overall just a positive presence to be around. She makes everyone around her feel welcome and included and is very kind and seems happy to be at APO events” -Pledge
03/10/2023Sunshine: Idey Abdi – “Idey was super energetic at my service event the other week and truly brought a bright light to the event.” -Brother
03/06/2023Sunshine: Sarah McMurry – “Sarah has shown her dedication to service and made an effort to get to know the brotherhood through activity during Pre-Big/Little!” -Pledge Team
03/03/2023Sunshine: Seychelle Takahashi – “Seychelle was amazing at making conversation and getting to know people. She was very talkative and open to meeting new people.” -Brother
02/20/2023Sunshine: Kiarra Coger – “Kiarra is very diligent, compassionate, and responsible. She went to many events over rush, and always made sure to make people around her engaged and jovial :)” -Pledge Team
02/19/2023Leader: Leah Zhao – “Leah is so fun and such a light in our Gamma chapter! I cannot wait to see her crush her position as Philanthropy Assistant this semester!!!”
02/17/2023Sunshine: Francesca Marino – “Francesca attended many events as a rushee and this past week showing great initiative. We are excited to see your passion for service grow in our brotherhood!” -Pledge Team
02/05/2023Leader: Jason Xiong – “Jason has been great as a member of the Pledge Team, and his passion shows through his commitment. I really enjoyed the rock n roll event and want to acknowledge the extra effort he invested to collect the rocks and prepare for the event.”
02/05/2023Leader: Carly Hu – “Amazing quarter card designs and a fantastic attitude every time we talk!”
Fun Facts: Carly is a bowling fiend!

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