Pledging Manuals

National Pledge Manual
Spring 2023 Pledge Manual 

Spring 2023 Requirements

In order to be successfully initiated, you must earn/attend the following:

  • 14 Service Hours
  • 5 Fellowships
  • 5 Speed Meetings
  • 7 Weekly Pledge Meetings
  • 3 General Meetings (GM)
  • 2 Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) events
  • 1.5 Leadership Credits
  • 3 Gammas
  • 1 Pledge quiz
  • 1 Pledge Project

If you have any questions, please email the Director of Pledging at

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  • LFS: Leadership Friendship Service
  • SSE: Spontaneous Social Event
  • AWL: All Who Look/Listen
  • NIB: Newly Initiated Brother
  • GM: General Meeting
  • CAPS: Chapter Assessment Planning Session

Inductions is when rushees become pledges. Initiations is when pledges become brothers.

Sign up and log into Docubro. Go to Events > View Event Calendar, you will then be able to see all of the events available this semester, color coded according to their categories.

All who successfully complete the Rush requirements will be inducted into our chapter! You will receive an email with Inductions information from the Pledgemaster.


Of course! Financial circumstance should not bar you from joining our chapter. Please email the pledgemaster at for ANY related questions and concerns.

On average, you will spend 4-5 hours per week at events during your pledging semester!

Email the pledgemaster at for more information. Or, explore this website! You will find plenty of details about our brothers and events.


Your letter of intent should be about 1 page (300-400 words), 12pt font, double spaced. When writing, think about the following: How did you hear about us? Why are you interested in joining? What will you bring to the brotherhood? What do you hope to gain from this experience? This is NOT a subjective evaluation, just be yourself! 🙂