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No one can capture my time in APO better than Vin Diesel in Fast and Furious 7: "I don't have friends... I got family." I learned so much from
What is your favorite memory from APO?Having littles! If you could attend one event again, what event would it be and what would you do during the event?I would
I don't have any one standout memory, but the ones that make me smile the most are the ones related to the Family Wars. Sure, sometimes the fierceness of
I joined APO originally because I had heard about it from friends and was interested in continuing being involved in community service like I was back home in Brooklyn.
If I could redo college, I would join APO during my freshman fall instead of my sophomore fall because I had missed out on one more year with the
I originally joined APO looking for a community. I knew I liked community service, but I wanted to meet new people. All of my expectations of just finding a
I joined APO at the beginning of my sophomore year because of the unique combination of community service and friendship. What made it special was meeting so many wonderful
Pledging as a second semester junior, I felt that my time in APO was way too short. To make up for this, I decided to just throw myself completely
In many ways, my college education was just as much through volunteering alongside brothers as much as it were in any classroom or lab. APO allowed me to live