1 – I am a sophomore in the Hotel School here at Cornell. I am from Melbourne, Florida and I am very passionate about social justice issues and love being involved on campus.

2 – I joined APO because I wanted to meet people outside of the Hotel School with a passion for service. Plus, there are plenty of people in APO, so you always are making new friends. Being in college doesn’t mean we can’t contribute to the community. I have found so many valuable organizations that I’ve worked with, both on and off- campus because of APO.

3 – I have really found a family that cares about me in APO, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. What’s really nice about APO is you have an incredible social environment, you develop strong leadership skills, and you genuinely are making a difference in the community around you.

4 – The most memorable experience I had in APO was definitely during Family Wars last semester. We were running around campus in the freezing cold, but we had so much fun, I didn’t even notice. I got to meet so many people in my family (go Royals!!) and it was a wonderful bonding experience.

Fun fact: I am ambidextrous!

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