I heard about APO before I even came to Cornell, and as a transfer student who knew absolutely no one when I first got here, I said “Why not?” There would be days where the only people I really interacted with during my day would be events I went to as a pledge. But soon enough, APO really gave me my home here. My big, Sahana, ended up as my best friend, and soon enough everything fell into place. I became so close to so many people all because I said “Why not?” I finally felt like I belonged at Cornell. Being a family head was such a fun experience, and I remember seeing Sarah McDonald absolutely crush it as Retention Chair and hoped to be even half the leader she was. Now that I am the retention chair, I always remind myself of my beginnings here at Cornell, in this fraternity – to make a difference because you never know who’s looking for a home.

Fun Fact: I have seen Parks & Recreation 14 times.

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