People sometimes think it’s weird that I’m joining APO as a second-semester junior. I honestly had an existential crisis at the beginning of the semester, when someone mentioned that we’d be graduating a year from now. When else am I going to be part of a community, surrounded by so many people my age? Have I already met everyone I’m going to meet? Is that it? Although I’m a part of lots of student organizations on campus, I thought It might be time to branch out a bit more. I was very involved in community service through Key Club in high school and had been thinking about joining APO for a few semesters, but these thoughts spurred me to finally jump in and do it.
Looking back, I know I made the right decision this semester; it’s almost like I’ve gotten a fresh start here at Cornell. APO has welcomed me as part of a diverse community, where I’ve met so many interesting people that think differently than I do. I find myself making time in my schedule to do as much APO as I possibly can, and have really enjoyed finding my place here over the course of the semester. Although I was initially attracted to the fellowship aspect of APO, I’m really grateful to this organization for also providing me the opportunity to give back to the community that’s given me so much over the past three years. And for anyone else thinking about pledging as an upperclassman, trust me, it’s never too late!

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