Hanging out with my friends and meeting new people at APO events has kept me excited about APO. I’ve had a great time hosting fellowship and engaging with all the new people I meet. Since fellowship and friendship have kept me in APO for so long, it’s been exciting for me to help run the fellowship program as VPF. I hope to be able to make people feel comfortable and excited to go to and host fellowships. I remember when I first joined APO, I was scared to go to events and host events if I didn’t know anybody there. I’ve learned to be more comfortable meeting so many new people and being myself. Now going to APO events has become so relaxing and fun. I’ll value my time in APO forever. I’ve made some great friendships that will last a lifetime. APO has also given me the confidence that wherever the future takes me, I’ll be able to make new friends on the way.

Categories: Humans of APO