I love being able to take a few hours out of my day to spend with my brothers and work on a creative project. Whether it’s finger knitting or a TV show fellowship, I feel like every time I go to an event I get to have really interesting conversations with my peers and build lasting friendships while also doing good for the Ithaca community. I definitely think the leadership skills I’ve built during my time in APO has helped shape my life. As a weekly service chair and former EB member, I have had to lead a room, plan events, and coordinate with other people — and I’ve found that I really enjoy doing these things. There’s this picture on the APO instagram from when I was retention chair a few semesters ago where I’m literally standing on a chair directing the event attendees where to go for an activity. When I was a sophomore rushing APO, I don’t think I ever could have imagined having the confidence to do that. Another fond memory is from last fall when I had the opportunity to go to the Regionals conference in Syracuse. I just had a really great time getting to know the other brothers on the trip, as we stayed up late playing games, getting food, and hanging out together.

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