I can honestly say that APO has been my favorite organization that I have been involved with throughout my time at Cornell so far. Something that excites me about APO is going to different events and meeting new people. APO is an organization (and family!) that brings together people from all different colleges, majors, and walks of life. I have met so many amazing people that I wouldn’t have without APO bringing us together and I am thankful for all of the valuable connections (and new friends) that I’ve made. Something that I’ve learned in APO is to always be of service. I have always been involved in community service growing up, but I only really recognized how significant my contribution and impact on the community is after joining APO. This has helped me realize my passion and dedication for service, hopefully going into a service-oriented career in the near future. A recurring experience that I will always cherish from APO is big/little week! I love getting to know my littles through email and surprising them with different gifts when they least expect it! I appreciate the bonds that I have created with my littles and I know that they will last throughout my life 🙂 <3

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