My first Big/Little reveal as well as being introduced to my family at Post-reveal will always be an experience from APO that I’ve held close to me! I was a little nervous at first because APO has so many members, but being introduced to everyone made me feel so welcome and everyone is always so friendly. Big/Little reveal was also really exciting as the set-up is like when you’re getting off of an airplane, coming back home, and your family is at the airport ready to welcome you. That’s exactly how I felt walking into the room for my Big/Little reveal – I felt like I was being welcomed into a home away from home.
Something that keeps me excited about APO is that there is always something to do, whether you are more interested in service, making friends, or gaining new skills. I think everyone is so passionate and creative about what they do and the events that are offered that there is always something I can do or learn about!
Before joining any organization at Cornell, I knew that I wanted to be involved with service and APO facilitates that really well. APO not only offers multiple service opportunities, but the service team has done a phenomenal job of trying to remind brothers why we do service along with the importance and meaning of service. Cornell can be kind of a world of its own and distant from the community at times and for me, it has been easy to focus on what classes are being stressful or what I need to do. Being reminded of the importance of service often reminds me of the bigger picture. I do hope to pursue a pre-health career after I graduate and I want to be able to give back to my community through my career. Because of APO, I know that I won’t forget the meaning of service and will continue to strive for that moving forward.
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