During my freshman spring semester, fueled by late-night energy and a need to spend my time on something besides YouTube, I decided that I would rush APO. A few semesters later and here I am, still in possession of that late-night energy (more like later-night energy now!) and at least a million times more hyped about this organization than I was that fateful night in Balch.

Throughout my time here, I have met a number of amazing brothers who have inspired me with their personalities, motivation, and their passion; I used to passively wish that I was as awesome as they were, but now, I actively work to develop myself to be on par with (dare I say surpass?) their coolness. In this quest for self-betterment, I have become more confident, gained leadership skills, and developed a passion to help others. These traits will definitely be applicable in the future when I try to navigate and interact with the world of adults, but more importantly, I’ll be more happy with myself!

My friend recently told me that if I wanted to help others, I have to help myself first. Together with what I’ve learned in APO, this statement had a large impact on me, and it made me reevaluate not only what service is, but what I personally find important. Although I didn’t stop sharing my time, energy, and smiles with others after hearing this, I did become more aware of my physical and mental state (we love self care).

I love this organization for what it does, what it stands for, the people in it. I keep finding more reasons to stay–including, but not limited to being a member of Jenkins (what a wild time, #ROLLLLL), seeing the positive impacts I make on the community, and making new friends–and I’m looking forward to what future semesters with the brotherhood will bring!

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