I originally joined APO looking for a community. I knew I liked community service, but I wanted to meet new people. All of my expectations of just finding a community and cool people, however, was blown out of the park. I met some of the most extraordinary and inspirational peers, I made some of my best friends, and I found a home away from home I hadn’t previously found at Cornell.

My advice is to take risks and try new things. Even if it’s difficult in a virtual environment, go out of your comfort zone and take solace in this incredible community. Attend events with people you don’t know! Host a leadership event on something you know; it may even come up in a final round interview for the full-time job you accept ;). Reaching out to people and maintaining a community is especially important right now, and I know it’s deflating to go on Zoom so many times, but it’s worth it for the multitude of wonderful experiences and fun APO can provide.

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