I joined APO originally because I had heard about it from friends and was interested in continuing being involved in community service like I was back home in Brooklyn. I’m so glad I got involved looking back at the friends I made and the events I was able to go to. My favorite service event was definitely Loaves and Fishes. I always loved being able to interact with members of the Ithaca community who were not in any way affiliated with Cornell and hear about their life stories and interests. One time I even met a guy who used to throw illegal hundred-person ragers in mansions all over upstate NY (don’t try this at home y’all). Fellowships were the best part of APO in my eyes because I was able to meet so many other brothers and do a lot of fun activities! I really miss tag in the stacks (rip risk management tho) and light up frisbee! I also have fond memories of our assassin game. It was probably the most stressful week of Cornell but definitely one of the most fun as well as everyone spent the entire week running all over campus like chickens with no heads.           

Advice(s) – I would say go to as many random, interesting, and unique events as possible! I found that some of the weirdest events ended up being my favorite when I look back on my time in APO. Also, at every event, try to talk to someone new! It can be easy to stick within the group of people you already know and feel comfortable with, but we have such a big brotherhood that by not making an effort to meet new people, you might miss some really cool individuals you wouldn’t cross paths with otherwise! I met some of my closest friends in strange ways through APO, sometimes just by a chance encounter that blossomed into a long-lasting friendship. You never know when you might come across your new best friend 😉 

Sending good vibes, 

Amrit 🙂 

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