It was a rainy day during freshman orientation. I (Cristie) was walking to Riley Robb for our Intergroup Dialogue Project session, and I saw a girl slip outside the door because she was wearing flip flops in the rain. I laughed, and I now live with her.

In the semester we pledged, we hosted our first event together: a pet rock fellowship! We bought $18 of supplies for 5 people to come, wandered outside various spots around campus to search for the optimal rocks, and listened to a rock-themed playlist (we will rock you, rockin around the christmas tree, etc). Since then, we’ve hosted other fellowships and speed meetings together, blessing APO with our chaotic energy.

When we were both family heads, we hosted a Valentine’s Day mixer with Royals and Guardians. We, along with our co-fam heads Pranesh and Khatia, went to Walmart to buy a ton of cute Valentine’s day goodies and ran a successful, wholesome event at St. Luke’s. That event was how we became really close with our friends in APO <3

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