1. What is your favorite memory in APO?
My favorite memory of APO is my first formal. I had just finished pledging and having formal after inductions was a great way to celebrate! I met so many nice people at formal and it was such a beautiful atmosphere, the theme I think was “night under the stars”. It was so cool to see everyone that I had pledged with and people that I met along the way of my pledging process all together having fun!

2. How has APO impacted your life?
APO has been really impactful on my college experience and my life. When I first came to Cornell, the university seemed so big and it seemed intimidating to try and make friends, but joining APO the first semester I was at Cornell was the best decision. Everyone was so fun and the events were so cool and the service projects were awesome. APO has been a place where I can do meaningful service with amazing people, and it’s great to have that opportunity throughout my Cornell experience.

3. What do you hope to do in the future?
I am majoring in Biological Sciences, and I am premed. I am hoping in the future to become a physician.

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