We met through POST before our first year even started! POST (Pre-Orientation Service Trip) is a program through the Einhorn Center where first year and transfer students have the opportunity to live together in Boynton Middle School and perform community service throughout Ithaca with local organizations. We were all placed into the same group and have stayed friends since then!

Outside of APO, we’re all collectively involved with a variety of engagements including research, computing, and social advocacy. In each of these activities we’re lucky to find other members of the APO community and beyond, but ultimately we always try to make time for each other whether that’s studying together or meeting up for dinners!

APO has impacted our lives by providing the opportunity to remain friends and continue to participate in our shared interests while also giving back to the community and taking on leadership roles. All of us have taken on some leadership role within APO (from PPGL to President!) and we also all have hosted fellowships and service events! It’s always fun to run into each other during events or plan to go to events together and spend time together while still feeling productive by completing requirements or by volunteering with local organizations.

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