People always ask me, ‘why do you like bow ties so much?’ In highschool, I wasn’t very social — especially at national debate tournaments. I would avoid conversations because that was the easier thing to do. However, I’ve always loved getting to know people. So, I started wearing a bow tie. It was different. It made me stand out. And before I knew it, people started talking to me more and conversations became much easier. The bow ties I wore became an extension of my personality. And now it’s just easier to talk to people.” – Ishan Sharma ’20 “I think something that really connects us is that my hair represents for me what bow ties represent for Ishan. My hair is different. It makes me stand out. If I were to cut my hair, n o b o d y would recognize me. It’s become a part of me — the source of my power.
Were it not for APO, Ishan and I wouldn’t have been this close of a big / little pair (@Namie)

Fun Fact: Ishan doesn’t know how to tie a real tie.

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