Greetings from Oxford, England! Can’t help missing you guys whenever I saw a Facebook post or a message about Gamma. Life at Oxford is busy yet fantastic: It is not only about having formal dinner in a Harry Potter-style hall, wearing gowns to celebrate matriculation, dressing up to attend the balls, getting up at 6 am to practicing rowing, reading 20 books/articles and writing 2000 words each week per class… The friendship I’ve made with local students and other visiting students has been amazing, and some people I’ve met here are so special to me. And especially I’m so proud of Gamma every time I talk to people about APO! People really appreciate what we’ve done as a service fraternity, and for me personally the service mentality I learned from APO helps me a lot as a Visiting Student Representative at my college. Please send me an address so I can send over postcards back to Ithaca!! Hope to see you guys next fall!
miss the Ithaca weather because it is cloudy all the time and it gets dark at 4:30 pm…

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