~Fall 2019~

Rush Leadership Workshops

By Hunter Greene

For rush this semester, we hosted a leadership workshop on the diversity of leadership styles. We played the spectrum game, where people position themselves in the room based on how much they agree with a statement. This allowed for people to express their thoughts on what values correlate to effective leadership. It was quite interesting to see how some statements caused the majority of people to end up on one side, while others created a true spectrum of opinions. Both brothers and rushees in the room explained their reasonings as to why they agreed or disagreed to subjective statements such as, “I value kindness over honesty,” and, “It is best if a leader is outspoken.” To further understand opposing viewpoints, rushees were asked to play devil’s advocate for a few statements, which allowed for the divided room to empathize with each other to reach a common ground. The true message of the activity was to point out that everyone has a different opinion on what makes “the perfect leader.” Thus, everyone has the opportunity to be a great leader in their own way!

By introducing rushees to leadership workshops, they will better understand the steps they need to take to improve their own leadership skills. As they complete pledging this semester, I am confident that their skills will grow, and they will soon be ready to tackle leadership opportunities within the brotherhood.